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Delarkin specializes in creating custom mattresses and sleep solutions for RVs and campers, helping world travelers get the best night of sleep possible. Our custom RV mattresses help travelers get maximum enjoyment out of their trip and maximum recovery on their vacation!


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Founded by RH Delaney and Phillip Arkin, Delarkin was created after the two friends identified a gap in the mattress industry: RV and camper mattresses. Historically, mattresses coming standard in RVs and campers were not very comfortable. In order to find a solution to this problem, Delaney traveled to Dusseldorf, Germany to attend Caravan Salon — the world’s largest trade fair for motorhomes. While there, Delaney learned a great deal about what was currently lacking in RV and camper mattresses. Combining their 20 years of industry experience and newly acquired insights, Delaney and Arkin quickly set to work to develop a better alternative.

Today, Delarkin offers three custom-model mattresses specifically tailored for RVs and campers. Since the company’s inception, Delarkin has also partnered with Froli Sleep Systems — an innovative, mobile bed foundation that can be easily modified for tight spaces. Through our strategic partnerships and ongoing commitment to comfort, Delarkin is dedicated to providing world travelers with the comfortable, durable, and reliable sleep solutions they need to stay rested and refreshed on the road. In fact, our goal is to make a mattress so comfortable that you’ll be dreaming about it well after your trip has come to an end. Contact our team to get a quote on your custom RV mattress today!

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