Custom Size Foundations

Custom Foundations for Custom Beds

Get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had on a custom-size mattress and foundation from Delarkin. No matter what size or shape you want, we can create the foundation for your bed.

There are many reasons to get a custom-size mattress foundation, including:

  • Your RV requires a bed with an odd shape or notched corners.
  • You have a custom-size mattress that won’t fit on a standard foundation.
  • You want your overall bed height to be higher or lower.
  • You already have a custom foundation or box spring that has lost its support.
  • You need rounded, notched, or chamfered corners.

Delarkin is known for creating quality, comfortable, durable mattresses of all shapes and sizes, especially for RVs and sleeper sofas. No matter why you want or need a quality custom-size bed foundation, Delakin can make it for you.

tape measure being used to meausre sizes for custom mattress
tape measure being used to meausre sizes for custom mattress


To create your custom box spring or mattress foundation, we simply need all the relevant measurements. We understand that taking measurements for rounded sides or corners can be difficult. Contact Delarkin or call us, and we will gladly walk you through the process. If you are in the Columbia, S.C., area, we will be happy to come take the measurements we need.

In some cases, a freight charge might apply. If that is the case, our freight charge will come directly from the freight broker plus a small fee for packaging materials. This will be evaluated at the time we quote your order. All of our foundations have an approximate four-week lead time because they are all custom and built to order.

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