The Oasis
(Ultimate Luxury)

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The Oasis is the pinnacle of comfort offered by Delarkin.

This mattress is our top-of-the-line premium mattress design and a PERFECT BALANCE of support and comfort. This mattress is soft, firm, and cool at the same time! Using laboratory-tested materials inside and outside of the mattress, this design ensures that body heat is dispersed away from sleepers allowing air to pass freely throughout the mattress. The Oasis has the highest customer satisfaction of anything we make, including EVERY DELARKIN EMPLOYEE who sleeps on one! 

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The Oasis Mattressoasis rv replacement mattress feature

The Oasis is our premium design. We have manufactured this mattress for nearly 20 years, and from day one this hand-crafted memory foam hybrid design has been THE ULTIMATE people pleaser. The Oasis features the perfect balance between comfort, support, cooling technology, and durability that makes the Oasis the absolute best long-term investment a person can make when it comes to their mattress purchase. Simply put, we can't think of any way to make a better mattress than this - hand down the best made-to-order mattress we can offer. 

The Oasis is designed for premium comfort while reducing heat. This premium mattress has two layers of memory foam and five layers of polyurethane foam, including a layer of convolute - aka egg crate - that allows better airflow to keep you cool at night. The memory foam also is infused with laboratory-tested and FDA-approved cooling gel to further reduce heat. As is true of all of our models, The Oasis can come in any size or shape. We even build the Oasis to a custom thickness for certain applications. Because it is our premium model, we waive many customization fees.

*Do you and your partner like different firmness levels? Call us! We have a great trick for that


The Story

Phillip Arkin Co-Founder Delarkin

"More Egg Crate"

On a dark and stormy night, RH and Phillip decided to conceptualize the PERFECT mattress. Putting their collective experience together, the two discussed the makings of the perfect mattress; the plushness, the level of support, breathable materials that allowed for air cooling, cooling gels and fabrics, hybrid style memory foam layers with another, and another, and yet another, and then ANOTHER high-quality layer. After many months of debate, long nights of discussion at the local craft brewery, and the concurrence that this mattress would be the absolute mecca of all mattresses - The Oasis was finally built, enjoyed, and soon sold to satisfied customers across the country!

*It is said that on some cold dark nights you can still hear Phillip's voice in the wind proclaiming "add more egg crate" ... "add more egg crate".


Who Needs The Oasis Mattress?

The Oasis is not for everyone. This mattress is for customers with the finest taste and appreciation for the highest quality products. As EVERY SINGLE Delarkin employee sleeps on an Oasis mattress, we can honestly this mattress is perfect for anyone and receives the highest amount of positive customer feedback of any mattress we sell. This mattress results in more referrals than any other mattress, and for good reason - we may not see our satisfied customers again for another 15-20 years! Perfect for anyone, as long as they appreciate nice things!

Remember we CAN customize any mattress to fit the exact dimensions you need!


About Delarkin Mattresses:

Our products are hand-built in our century-old South Carolina factory and designed to last at least 10 years under regular use and are warrantied as such. Like all of our models, the Oasis is upgradeable and customizable if you have specific requirements.


Here's what to expect when you order your mattress:

  1. Your mattress will arrive roll-packed into a small box so it is easy to bring inside your camper, RV, or home before set up
  2. Your mattress is covered in a Premium 100% cotton zipper cover which can be removed for washing
  3. The top layer of our mattresses is made of high-quality American-made memory foam that conforms to your body, so it will not irritate pressure points and is guaranteed to last 10 years
  4. High-quality polyurethane foam forms the lower layers for support, which balances the softness of the memory foam for a truly supportive night's rest

All our mattresses come with our 90 Day Sleep Trial Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can switch models or return your mattress for a full refund.


Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Twin (single), Twin XL, Three Quarter (3/4), Full (Double), Full XL, Short Queen (RV Queen), Queen, King, RV King, California King, Texas King, Wyoming King, Alaskan King



2 reviews for The Oasis
(Ultimate Luxury)

  1. Josh

    this is the most comfortable mattress I have ever laid down on, not just RV Mattresses – ALL mattresses!

  2. Aidan Lowe

    Delivery was quick, customer service is phenomenal, and the comfort is unmatched. Couldn’t ask for a better night’s rest.

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