The Rock – Three Quarter (3/4)

Three Quarter (3/4) Mattress for RVs & Campers



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The Rock Three Quarter 3/4 Mattressfirm custom mattress viewed from the front center

The Rock is a premium mattress designed to give extra support to customers who prefer a firmer mattress. We have manufactured this mattress for nearly 10 years and recommend it to customers who have a concern of "bottoming out" when they lay down at night. The Rock is built with the same laboratory-tested materials inside and outside of the mattress to ensure that body heat is dispersed away from sleepers allowing air to pass freely throughout the mattress. The only difference between The Rock and The Oasis is the extra layers of firm support. As is true of all of our models, The Rock can come in any size or shape. We even build The Rock to a custom thickness for certain applications. Because it is a premium model, we waive most customization fees.

*Do you and your partner like different firmness levels? Call us! We have a great trick for that


The Story

RH Delaney Co-Founder Delarkin

"Ultra supportive and still very comfortable"

Our friend and marketing guru David was in search of a mattress that could keep him from "bottoming out" as he slept. Being in the "Big and Tall" category and a stomach sleeper, we understood he most likely needed a little extra support added to his mattress. We added the extra layers of support to our premium Oasis Mattress and voila! A perfect night's sleep on day one. Now if we could just convince him to keep our Facebook page up to date!


Who Needs The Rock Mattress?

The Rock is a fantastic option for someone who needs a firm mattress, and who wants quality and softness but needs a little extra support. People that are stomach sleepers, Big and Tall, and essentially anyone who finds that a firm mattress gives them a more comfortable night's sleep.

Remember we CAN customize any mattress to fit the exact dimensions you need!


About Delarkin Mattresses:

Our products are hand-built in our century-old South Carolina factory and designed to last at least 10 years under regular use and are warrantied as such. Like all of our models, the Rock is upgradable if you want a more premium feel.


Here's what to expect when you order your mattress:

  1. Your mattress will arrive roll-packed into a small box so it is easy to bring inside your camper, RV, or home before set up
  2. Your mattress is covered in a Premium 100% cotton zipper cover which can be removed for washing
  3. The top layer of our mattresses is made of high-quality American-made memory foam that conforms to your body, so it will not irritate pressure points and is guaranteed to last 10 years
  4. High-quality polyurethane foam forms the lower layers for support, which balances the softness of the memory foam for a truly supportive night's rest

All our mattresses come with our 90 Day Sleep Trial Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can switch models or return your mattress for a full refund.

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 48 × 10 in





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