A lot of people buy a new mattress with the intention of adding a memory foam topper later.

My question to that type of customer is this:

Why are you planning on buying a mattress that isn’t comfortable? Isn’t that kind of like ordering a salad because you are trying to lose weight and then washing it down with a large soda?

In the case of a mattress, if you are going to spend the money to buy a new mattress it should be comfortable on its own as soon as you get through the break-in period (which should generally take about a week). So what if it still doesn’t feel great after that? Should you add a topper then? Well, no. Most reputable mattress companies have some sort of a comfort warranty that will allow you to switch to a different model if the one you picked isn’t right for you. Adding a topper to a new mattress is essentially trying to force yourself to like a mattress that just isn’t what your body wants.

So is there a time when using a mattress topper is the right decision? Absolutely! Maybe you have a hand-me-down mattress that is too firm for you. Or maybe you have a mattress in a guest room and you would like the option to make it feel softer depending on who is sleeping in it. My main point is that you shouldn’t need one for a new mattress that you are buying to sleep on every night.

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