We’re not just a Mattress factory – we are artisans, craftsmen, masters of “The Craft” of mattress making. Delarkin has made round beds, heart-shaped beds, custom mattresses of every imaginable length and width, even mattresses as display pieces for museums. We have put mattresses on battleships, in museums, even in the homes of celebrities. Our mattress factory, in fact, has been the first choice of both local and international interior designers across the country!

Does this mean we can make a custom-size mattress to fit your camper, RV, boat, antique bed, or pretty much anything else? Yes, it does.

Does this mean it is going to be super expensive? Amazingly, no. We feel confident that you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our mattresses are. After all, we only charge for the products. Our expertise is free.

custom mattress being used to fit odd sized space in a camper

Extra Large Oversized Mattresses

Some people are even in need of a bed that is larger than king size. This could be true whether you are big and tall, share your bed with kids or animals, or other types of crowds. If more real estate is what you are after, why not consider an Alaskan King or Wyoming King, or just get creative! While we do not currently offer custom sheets, we work with a company that specializes in them and we would be happy to order sheets to go with your custom mattress as well.

custom mattress made for an oddly shaped area on a boat

How We Build Custom Mattresses

So how do we go about finding the perfect size for your specific situation? If possible, we love getting our hands on the mattress we are trying to replace, if there is one. If not, that’s no problem. If you happen to be located within a reasonable distance of our factory in the Midlands of South Carolina, we would be happy to measure your bed and determine the mattress dimensions for you. If not, the people who feel comfortable doing so often make us a diagram showing all of the dimensions involved. In cases where a customer is not comfortable creating a diagram, we provide materials that can be used to trace or even cut out a stencil. Regardless of your comfort level with providing us dimensions for your mattress, we are here to make it as easy as possible for you. Simply give us a call or email anytime and we will take care of it for you!

measuring mattress length to get the size to fit it with

Choose Delarkin’s Custom  Mattresses Today!

At Delarkin, your continued comfort is our top priority. Whether your RV mattress needs replacement or you need a custom mattress built to your unique specifications, our team can help you achieve the best sleep of your life. Now with easy financing through Affirm and a host of bedroom accessories to sweeten the deal, there are even more reasons to choose Delarkin for your handmade, custom mattress needs. Start resting easier and shop our custom mattress offerings today.

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