When you spend more money you get a better product. That just makes sense, right? Well, yeah. Sometimes. But not always. So, that means a Ferrari is better than a Honda, right? Well, yeah, obviously.

But is it, really? I mean, a Ferrari is a work of art and an engineering marvel. But will it do a better job getting you to work? No. Will it be easy to repair? Absolutely not. Is it more comfortable than the Honda? Not really that either. What about on a race track? Well, yeah, the Ferrari is totally the right pick for that.

So what we can conclude is that there isn’t necessarily the best choice between the two options. They serve different functions. Personally, I would spend a lot more money on the mattress for my master bedroom than I would on the one for my guest room. If you buy from a reputable brand you’re not likely to be buying a piece of junk, either. It is probably just not designed to last as long as one that is more expensive, but you should make that up with it not being used every night.

So is there a reason to spend a lot on a guest room mattress? Sure, as long as you can afford it and you really like your guests. Otherwise, I would stick to a soft-medium one-sided innerspring model.

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