travelling and trying to get a good nights sleep on camper mattress

I tell those around me that sleep business is serious business. But sleep is only one important aspect of life: Travel and adventure are another. Traveling is important to many people, including me. Personally, I haven’t seen very much of the great planet we call home, which is why I seize every opportunity I get to explore it. All over the world, there are people of different races with different lifestyles, cultures, backgrounds, and languages. People do different things in different societies; they eat things I’ve never even dreamt of and there are so many diversities that may have never crossed my mind. But even through all these differences, one thing remains the same: The need for a good night’s sleep.

My Journey into Custom Camper Mattresses

A year ago, the folks from Froli (a bedding support design company for RVs and campers) approached me to build a custom camper mattress for their bedding support system. They also invited me to Germany, where they’re based, for an expo. Fun fact about me: I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. As an innovator and a creative person, I like to explore and expand my skill set because it gives me new problems that I have to solve. Froli’s offer seemed like a fun challenge and I gladly accepted.

In the early fall of 2017, I found myself boarding an airplane to Dusseldorf, Germany to attend Caravan Salon, the biggest RV convention in the world. I arrived at the fairgrounds a day and a half later and was astounded at the size of the building. It was pretty huge! Then I found a map and realized what I was seeing was building one of 16. It blew my mind away.

I went back home a week later, head packed full with a truckload of new information added to my 15 years of mattress-building experience. For me, it was time to design the world’s best custom RV mattress. The result of that discovery today is the array of RV mattresses we’ve been able to design at Delarkin. I’m in love with all we’ve achieved so far and it’s even more uplifting to see people from different parts of the country place orders for these mattresses, so they can achieve a good night’s sleep while exploring all the wonderful places our nation has to offer.

A Sleep Solution for All Travelers

When you’re traveling in an RV, the dream mattress is one that is comfortable, durable, and strong enough to accept body weight without losing its texture. You want to be able to fall asleep on the road without missing the mattress back at home, and I’m beyond excited and fulfilled to be able to provide that experience for various clients. Thanks to my own ability to go out and explore the world, Delarkin is now able to encourage others to do the same while staying comfortable and well-rested. Don’t let another opportunity to travel pass you by due to a fear of being unable to sleep: Get your RV mattress on our shop or submit an inquiry for a custom camper mattress order today!

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