Welcome to Mattress Myth Monday! Our first myth: Do memory foam mattresses sleep hot?

The honest truth is, they used to. The first generation of memory foam was HOT. It did not allow air flow, which essentially felt like sleeping on plastic where the temperature is concerned. I remember when my brother and I were young, we used to wrestle on the memory foam and press each others’ faces into it. You couldn’t breathe through it!

It might seem funny, but that is actually the test I still use to see how a type of foam allows air to flow or blocks it. Today you can actually breathe freely through the memory foam that we use. (I’ve personally smashed my face into it as a test!)

Then came cooling gel. The first generation of cooling gel was applied to the top layer of memory foam and was impressively cool to the touch. However, the ONE night I took it home to try it out the so-called “cooling gel” blocked all of that great air flow and it didn’t take long for it to turn into a heating gel. I vividly remember getting up that night to remove it and change my sweaty sheets (Gross but accurate).

Several years later, cooling gel technology was completely revolutionized. Rather than applying it like a film to the top layer of the memory foam, it is now swirled in while the foam is still in a liquid state. Brilliant! This allows air to flow through it again and it effectively cools all night.

Long story short, if you were shopping for a mattress years ago and complaining of sleeping hot, you would have been right about memory foam. But with new technology, it’s now one of the first types of mattresses that I personally recommend for comfort!

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