I have heard people ask a million times how we can offer a ten-year warranty on a foam mattress when “obviously” a foam mattress won’t last ten years.

This whole thought comes from the assumption that we are talking about the cheap, polyfoam mattresses you sometimes see on sleeper sofas that are basically just a really thick yoga mat. So, yes. Those wear out quickly. That is also not what we sell as a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is very different from the polyfoam you see on a cheap foam mattress. Memory foam is “high viscosity high elasticity” foam, which basically means that it can stretch and conform to your body and then return to its original dimensions. Polyfoam is less stretchy and it develops body impression over much less time and wears out faster.

Finally, as is true with any product you might consider purchasing, you get what you pay for. Memory foam is more expensive than polyfoam, and a much higher quality product to build a mattress. 

Before buying a foam mattress, be sure to make sure it’s quality memory foam to ensure your new bed will not wear out too soon! 

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