Here’s the thing about how often you should replace your mattress. This is a big-time mattress industry secret I’m letting you in on here…

The answer is… There is no correct answer. Sorry for the anticlimax. It just depends on way too many things. I mean, which will last longer, the pair of shoes you wear to work five days a week or your dress shoes you only take out every month or two? The same logic applies to a mattress. The mattress in your master bedroom probably gets used every night, while the bed in your guest room only gets used occasionally. On the other hand, maybe the one in your master bedroom was a lot more expensive and better made, so maybe the guest mattress will wear out more quickly since it was a budget model. At the end of the day, your mattress needs to be replaced when it wears out.

That having been said, I still recommend looking at replacing the one in your master bedroom every ten years, but that is for a different reason, and not just because it may be worn out. This is because of how much your body changes in that amount of time. Have you ever gone too long without updating your prescription for your glasses, and then when you finally get a new pair you are absolutely horrified that you had been driving like that? It is the same idea. Your mattress needs can shift so slowly that you really don’t even notice until you get a new one. While you may not need a new mattress every ten years, you should definitely give it some thought and evaluate your needs.

So where did this idea come from that you need one every eight years? That was a marketing push from a certain mattress chain that you might see on every street corner these days whose name may or may not rhyme with Fatress Mirm. The standard wisdom was that ten-year number and they just managed to reduce the buying cycle by 20%. As for us at Delarkin, we are not into that kind of thing. We would rather give good advice and help our customers sleep better.

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