We have made mattresses of every imaginable shape, odd size, and complex configuration. When we say we have experience making custom mattresses, we mean that we have been doing it all the time for many, many years. Seriously, if you come up with something totally unique that we have never encountered before, you win a prize!

So how do we approach coming up with a custom mattress design?

The first thing we do is to consider the space available. Length and width are generally pretty straightforward, although there are times that we will need to make allowances for things like space between the mattress and a bed. Surprisingly we will often ask about overhead clearance as it is not uncommon with certain RV bunks or bunk beds to have limited space. In such a case, we would likely recommend a thinner mattress that would result in more headroom.

Building Custom Shaped Mattresses

The next consideration is the mattress shape. The vast majority of mattresses and beds are going to be rectangular, although some are square. Many boats use what is referred to as a v-birth, where a mattress is Arrowhead shaped and sometimes split down the middle to access things like under-bed storage.

These are all situations in which we are comfortable handling.  Delarkin has even made round mattresses, heart-shaped mattresses, even u-shaped mattresses. 

The next thing to consider:

Which type of mattress is best suited for the application at hand? Many of the mattresses that we make in any given week are for campers, where space and weight are considerations. For these types of mattresses, we would usually recommend memory foam because it is relatively light and flexible, meaning that they will have the least impact on gross vehicle weight and are the easiest to get through the camper and into the bed when it arrives.

women looking at pricing for her new custom sized mattress
man measuring space to get measurements for a custom sized mattress
odd sized custom mattresses made to fit in cabin of a boat

Other Custom Mattress Updates from Delarkin

Some people are interested in a natural product, and latex is a great idea for them. Although a latex mattress is just as flexible as memory foam, though, it tends to be fairly heavy, which might not be the best for RV owners. Some people even prefer the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress, and we are happy to accommodate them.

Then comes what is perhaps the biggest concern: price. Most custom-size mattresses that we sell are memory foam models and this is for a few reasons. First, they are the easiest to modify and second, because the ease to modify them makes customization less expensive. For most odd-size memory foam mattresses, we simply charge for one size bigger and then add $75 per dimension we have to modify. So if you wanted something slightly narrower than a queen, for example, we would charge the price for a queen Plus $75. Rounded or chamfered corners, angles that aren’t 90°, or very custom shapes would incur additional charges. Custom innerspring mattresses would be charged on a case by case basis. They are naturally more expensive to customize because they would require modifying steel.

No matter what type of custom mattress you are considering, let us show you how easy getting one can be. Our many years of experience means that we know what questions to ask to recommend the perfect mattress for your specific situation.

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At Delarkin, your continued comfort is our top priority. Whether your RV mattress needs replacement or you need a custom mattress built to your unique specifications, our team can help you achieve the best sleep of your life. Now with easy financing through Affirm and a host of bedroom accessories to sweeten the deal, there are even more reasons to choose Delarkin for your handmade, custom mattress needs. Start resting easier and shop our custom mattress offerings today.

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