I remember having difficulty sleeping on my third road trip. My nights were long because I was very uncomfortable and just kept tossing and turning. I woke up groggy every day and didn’t like my mornings. If that had been my first road trip, I’m sure that I wouldn’t have gone on another. Ever.

Sleeping on a camper mattress can be similar to sleeping at home if you know what to do. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your sleep experience during every camping trip.

1.      Get a comfortable RV mattress

The first — and totally non-negotiable — tip to having a good night’s sleep is making sure you have a comfortable mattress suited for RV traveling. Unfortunately, most folks use mattresses that are uncomfortable with springs that poke. At Delarkin, we make sure to constantly upgrade the quality of our RV mattresses so you can easily find one that gives your body the comfort it deserves.

2.      Change your old pillows and sheets

Because the camper mattress condition is considered most important for a good sleep experience, many people remember to change it but neglect the other important stuff: sheets and pillows. Besides taking time to wash your dirty sheets and pillows, don’t hesitate to change them when they’re worn out, especially pillows that tend to lose their original shape after much use.

3.      Get a good location

You may not be in the position to choose a good location but if you can opt for a quiet area. Campgrounds are usually busy and crowded but try to find a serene location.

4.      Get a sleep mask

Campgrounds can be bright at night with a lot of bonfires. This may be difficult for anyone who doesn’t like to sleep with lighting. You can get a sleep mask or a blackout curtain to filter excess light and help recover your beauty sleep.

5.      Take away electronic devices

By this I mean your phones, tablets, game console, television sets and anything that produces a bright light. This is because they make your mind feel like it is morning and will keep you awake.  Turn them all off at least one hour before you go to bed so your brain can relax and be in the mood to sleep.

6.      Get earplugs to keep the noise away

When you’re on a campsite, you most likely will have fellow campers who love noise (trust me, there are folks who find complete silence unbearable). If the noise is disturbing your sleep, then you can consider getting earplugs, sleep supplements or an ambient noise machine to induce sleep. On the flip side, if you’re the type that likes noise, headphones or earphones may come in handy. That way, you can regulate the sound and not make others uncomfortable while at it.

7.      Don’t change your sleep pattern

If you have a particular sleep regimen at home, there’s no need to change it because you’re on the road. By sticking with your regular sleep pattern it is easier for you to enjoy your sleep. You may not have the perfect beauty sleep you have always had at home, but you will be able to sleep well.

Try these tips and you may get back to us on how it worked out. If you have some tips and tricks of your own, we’d love to know. Leave it in the comments below so other campers can learn a thing or two.

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