You know what we felt like the world needed? It needed a mattress that felt like a marshmallow. Or a giant pillow. Or even … a cloud!

Many people believe that a firmer mattress is better for you, and in our experience, that is a myth. Having too much pressure in certain areas simply does not work for everyone. Some people need deep, soft, body-contouring comfort. Imagine a mattress that hugs you. Yeah, it’s basically like that.

Are you concerned that the cloud mattress might be too soft for you? Are you wondering if maybe you should get something firmer instead? Let me help you think through that with a few questions. When you spend the night in a hotel, do you generally wake up wishing that the mattress had been softer? Do your shoulders and hips hurt? Because mattresses in hotel rooms are typically chosen to appeal to the widest variety of people (and, by extension, the widest variety of backs), that is probably a reasonable sign that you are an outlier. Now that we have established that you do not have an average back, does that mean you want softer or firmer? Do you ever think to yourself “gee, that brick sidewalk sure does look comfortable to have a nap on!?” If not, that probably means that you are an outlier in the direction of wanting something softer.

girl sleeping peacefully on a soft mattress in the clouds
girl waking up and stretching after a peaceful night sleep on soft mattress
rv driving with replacement rv mattress

Softer mattresses aren't for everyone

If it sounds like we are describing a mattress that might be a godsend for you, let me temper that with a few quick words of caution. Super-soft or super-firm mattresses often are not ideal for couples. It is rare that both individuals agree that they want something quite so soft. This is not to discourage you from purchasing this mattress but to remind you that we are a custom mattress shop! In many cases we can accommodate both people without anybody having to compromise. We have made many, many mattresses with a right and a left zone, so that everybody can get what they want. If you would like more information on custom options, we are a phone call away!

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