Do you ever just have one of those moments where you look back and think: “This was fate all along!”

This RV journey wouldn’t be complete without Phillip, a man I met outside the mattress world. Our paths crossed in the restaurant industry; I was a bartender and Phillip was a bouncer. We became close and after some time, we became roommates. It wasn’t long after that Phillip came to work with me in my family’s mattress factory. Philip and I ran that factory for more than a decade. Now that Delarkin is the picture, I’m lucky to still be working with him.

Basically, I’m the idea guy. I come up with concepts and creative solutions. I’m constantly researching and brainstorming ways to make my clients’ mattress experience the best ever. Phillip is the operations guy; the one that makes these ideas fall in place and supervises operations. Phillip is also a miracle worker when it comes to foam. This guy can build up a mattress to match any level of comfort desired by the client and he knows all the materials like the back of his hand.

Delarkin would be nowhere today without the teamwork that goes into satisfying our customers. We are very excited to be working together to help you rest easier while on the road. Our team makes Delarkin the one stop shop for your top-notch RV mattress.

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