Do you find yourself waking up in the wee hours of the morning long before you need to be getting up and just can’t seem to go back to sleep? A teaspoon of raw honey before bed can be just the ticket to fixing that problem. I know that might seem crazy (and way too easy) but hear me out. Sleep is important for your brain. Far from turning off, certain parts of it go into high gear when you fall asleep and all of that work requires fuel. One of the first places your body goes for that fuel is sugar stored in your liver, called liver glycogen. When it starts to burn through its stores of liver glycogen your body reacts as if it has low blood sugar and turns to your fat stores. When your body does this it releases cortisol, which is essentially a stress hormone. Here’s the thing about cortisol, though – small amounts of it are what your body uses to wake you up in the morning. It is kind of like your alarm clock going off hours early, only there isn’t a snooze button. When you eat a bit of raw honey, though, your body will use that up FIRST, before it even touches your liver glycogen. That way, you will have plenty of energy for your brain to do all the maintenance it needs to do. Try this the next time you absolutely HAVE to get a good night’s sleep. I think you will find the difference it makes remarkable. Raw honey and the stuff in the bear-shaped bottle are generally not the same thing because, as the name implies, honey that is not raw is cooked, which removes all of the pollen and turns it into something that is pretty similar to corn syrup. What you want is the local stuff that generally comes in a jar. Take a look at the label and see where it comes from. If it comes from someplace within 50 miles or so and specifically says that it is raw it is probably the good stuff. Please note that I am not a doctor and I am not making any medical claims, here. I’m just a guy with a website who reads a lot about
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